Robert DeSanti is a leading man type who can seamlesly bring his palpable vulnerability and depth as well as his physical comedy to both comedic and dramatic roles alike. Think a young Ryan Gosling or a young Bradley Cooper.


Robert is a graduate of The William Esper Studio.  


For his performance in The Epilogue of Gregory Archambault it was said to be “A passionate performance by its lead. This seemingly endless spiral of creative misery authentically captures the universal struggles of artists everywhere. This movie is a must see for aspiring creators."  And that “Director, writer and star Robert Desanti’s bold take on an arguably taboo subject matter of a male artist’s mental health and suicidal thoughts is what makes this short so powerful and thought-provoking.” 


His supporting role as Mike, a traveling umbrella salesman with toxic masculine traits, in the indie vampire thriller ‘Blood From Stone’, has received 100% on Rotten Tomatoes and has been viewed over a million times. It can be viewed on Amazon Prime, Tubi and Roku. 

Robert is a co-founder of 315 along side Brenden Clarke. 315 is a creative production house that has a client list that includes On Running, Ouraring, Nike, Ciele Athletics, Rolex, Saturdays NYC, Under Armor and many more. 

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Robert recently created the series Fans Only—a character exploration of the popular content site Only Fans. He wrote, produced and co-stars in this 7 episode series that also stars Rezeta Veliu, Paola Nunez and Ben Coleman.