Robert is a Los Angeles based actor, writer, and producer. He originally moved to NYC where he studied acting under Barbara Marchant at the acclaimed William Esper Studio. Upon graduation from the Two Year Meisner Based Training Program, Robert moved to Los Angeles where he currently writes, acts and produces with Spork Productions — an award winning boutique film and commercial production company. 


He is partners at 315 Media. A Creative Production House that works with clients such as On Running, Nike, Ciele Athletics, Under Armour, Saturdays NYC and many more. It has its roots grounded in artistry and is constantly seeking to push the boundaries of how to tell stories in photography, the commercial space and world of film and television. 


Robert founded his own company, Roberts Pocket Entertainment, which is an award winning boutique production company that focuses on developing innovative, character driven story ideas and taking them from idea through production to pitch.

Robert's recent film The Epilogue of Gregory Archambault — which he wrote, acted in, co-directed and produced — has had a successful run on the festival circuit having won Best Film, Best Comedy, Best Editing at several festivals and has garnered Robert several Best Acting awards. It will be available to the public in the summer of 2022. You can watch the trailer here.

Robert is very active and in his spare time is a very dedicated runner—sub 3 hour marathon and 16 minute 5k. He also surfs as much as he can. As a painter he has had an art show in Los Angeles and has sold several pieces of his work. 

Robert wrote a show (currently in production) titled Fans Only that he is producing and acting in. The series is a character driven show that follows a married couple, Dale and Penny, who are plagued with crippling student loans, credit card debt, a baby on the way, and out of necessity decide to venture into creating pregnancy fetishism content. It has themes of masculinity, maternity, defined relationship roles/dynamics, America's obvious financial crisis, stigma around pornographic/NSFW type work and a few others smaller themes to it.