The Epilogue of Gregory Archambault

(Film to be released summer of 2022)


Gregory Archambault is a suicidal writer who can't commit suicide because he is not satisfied with his suicide letter.

The Speed Project

(Full Documentary coming soon)


The Speed Project is a 340 mile solo and relay race that leaves from Santa Monica, California and ends on the Las Vegas Strip.

ON Running - Every Runner Series
Every runner: Intro Video

Free of judgement. Free of barriers. Free to run.
Every Runner: Fresh Air Fund

Running can be our greatest avenue for change. This spring, On Running teamed up with The Fresh Air Fund to provide fun and safe track clinics for children for the Bronx in NYC. While engaging in run centric games and exercises, the kids also receive valuable lessons in team building and how to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Tiny For Two


Tiny for Two is a pilot about a pair of unlikely friends. Their relationship stems from a common need—an affordable living situation, and as desperation, manipulation, hijynx, and larger than life personalities get thrown into the mix, hilarity ensues.

Every runner: Pansa Boyz

The Pansa Boyz are a group of four first-generation Latin American men from NYC. They're on an mission to challenge your perspective of what a "runner" looks like. 
Every Runner: The Running Charity

The Running Charity is an organization dedicated to helping young houseless individuals in London and Manchester build healthier futures by embracing running. 


Blood is Blood

Feature film concept pitch

Billy, part time construction worker and part time bar back, is looking for a fresh start with the love of his life, Marie. He asks his older brother, Thomas, for a loan but things get out of control when he finds himself in the middle of a murder plot.